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Individual support
Please, support us, because plants are important for our future!
Plus, you have the added advantage of being able to deduct your donation on your tax return!

Donate today to support the seed bank of the Botanic Garden Meise!

Nowadays in our region alone, half of the 1,300 wild plant species are threatened with extinction. Since the 1970’s, 171 species have completely disappeared from Belgium. The scientists working in the Botanic Garden Meise manage the only Seed bank of wild plants in Belgium. We presently store seeds from 500 species. The seeds are dried and stored at low temperatures so that they remain viable for at least 100 years. To ensure viability, germination tests are regularly carried out. Donations will help us to continue this work and enable us to expand our seed collection

How the Botanic Garden would use your donation for the seed bank?

  • A donation of €40 will allow us to carry out a germination test in the laboratory on a batch of 100 seeds
  • A donation of €100 will allow us to collect seeds from 1 threatened plant species in its natural environment

Donate today to support the construction of the world garden in Botanic Garden Meise!

In 1999, the Botanic Garden started with the renovation of the Plant Palace, dating from 1958. A magical transformation of our unique greenhouse complex into a world garden, the only place in Belgium where you can discover plants from all over the world! The renovation must be complete in 2020 with the opening of the doors of the completely new Mediterranean and Cloud Forest greenhouses. Our greenhouses are also home to threatened plant species. By supporting us you will also help with this important task!

How the Botanic Garden Meise would use your donation for the World garden?

  • A donation of €10 will allow us to make 10 long lasting plant labels
  • A donation of €40 will allow us to pay for 1 meter of a water misting system
  • A donation of €75 will allow us to buy 1 cubic meter of soil mix
  • A donation of €100 will allow us to lay 1 square meter of path
  • A donation of €200 will allow us to put up 1 education panel

A colleague carrying out a germination test

Work in progress in our new big rainforest greenhouse

Donate today and enjoy the fiscal advantage!

Donations of any amount are welcome on the Bank Account Number of Botanic Garden Meise: BE 81 3751 1174 8224.

  • "Donation Seeds for the future" if you want to support the Seed bank.
  • "Donation for renovation Plant Palace" if you want to support the World garden project.

From a donation of €40 or more, you will receive a financial certificate that you can submit with your annual income tax return.
Via the tax authorities you will receive a 45% tax reduction on the amount donated:

  • For a donation of €40 you will benefit from a reduction in tax of €18
  • For a donation of €100 you will benefit from a reduction in tax of €45
  • For a donation of €350 you will benefit from a reduction in tax of €157,50

The financial certificate will be sent in the name of the account holder and to the address associated with the bank account number.


For more info, download our leaflet (PDF)


Corporate support
Support the activities of the Botanic Garden Meise

The Botanic Garden Meise is internationally known for its outstanding botanical research. Every year our scientists describe new species, mostly from the tropics, but also from Europe and the Polar regions. The Botanic Garden also hosts world class collections including its herbarium, seed bank and library. We are home to 18.000 different plants species in our outdoor and greenhouse collections! The Botanic Garden is involved in projects for the protection of endangered plants and vegetation types in Belgium, but also in Africa. We share our botanic knowledge with the general public and make our visitors aware of the importance of plants. The Botanic Garden is ambitious in its objectives in the field of science as well as education and tourism.

Your support is therefore essential!

As a company there are many ways to support us.

You could for example, choose to use us to host your next corporate event, or you could go for a more structural collaboration.

If you would like more information about possibilities to support the Botanic Garden, please email us at for an exploratory talk

Thank you for your interest!

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