Emiel Van Rompaey (1895-1975)

Emiel Van Rompaey

Emiel Van Rompaey is well known as the founder and the first secretary of the former I.F.B.L. (Institute for the floristics of Belgium and Luxemburg), an association of benevolent amateur florists. From 1939 on and until 1972, he organized I.F.B.L. team's field working, aiming at the publication of distribution maps of vascular plants in Belgium and Luxemburg. With L. Delvosalle he published the Atlas of the flora of Belgium and Luxemburg (1972; ed.2 1979). A major work based mostly on the benevolent fieldwork of both authors and their collaborators. Van Rompaey himself was an administrator; his botanical activity was limited to his sparse free time.

In his honour, every second year a botanical study about the Belgian flora is selected for the national 'Emiel Van Rompaey Award'.

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