National Botanic Garden of Belgium

Plant Palace

The Plant Palace houses the tender and tropical living collections of the Garden. Thirteen large greenhouses surround twenty-two small collection houses in a complex of 1 ha. The Plant Palace is built in 1958 and opened in 1965. The tallness varies between 8 and 16 m.

Renovation of the Plant Palace

The Plant Palace is undergoing major renovations. During this project the complex will remain open to the public, some houses will be temporarily closed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

things to see

A Spring House (renewed in 2001)

B Evolution House (renewed in 2006)

C-G Rainforest: (construction under renewal)

H Mountain rainforest (construction under renewal)

I Mediterranean House (renewed in 2004)

J Mabundu (renewed in 2002)

K Victoria House

L Dry House (renewed in 2000)

M Monsoon House (construction under renewal)

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plants from around the globe. Palms, epiphytes, lianas and many more.

Houses C, D, E, F and G are warm and moist and contain rainforest plants from around the globe. Palms, epiphytes, lianas and many

Mountain rainforest

The perpetual moist and cool house H holds representatives from high altitude or montane rainforests. Plants from African mountains or Peruvian fuchsias.

Mediterranean House

House I hold plants from the mediterranean regions of the world. Chile, California, Western Australia, South Africa and, of course, the Mediterranean Basin, have similar climates and support similar vegetation.

Victoria House

The Victoria House is the wettest house of the Plant Palace, it contains water and swamp plants.

The Dry House lies at the other end of the spectrum; here you will find the ultimate survivors of the plant kingdom: desert plants.

Spring House

The rhododendrons and camellias of the Spring House will be in full bloom while, outdoors, winter still reigns. The house holds plants from the warm temperate regions of the world.

Rainforest America

House M has a monsoon climate and contains plants that need a dry season.

Evolution House

House B recreates the 500 million-year evolution of the plant kingdom, from the first green algae to the bewildering variety of present flowering plants.

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House J, finally, is the children's house. It contains economic plants from the tropical regions of the world and illustrates the influence of these plants on our every day life.