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From 2016 until 2019 Botanic Garden Meise participates in a Horizon 2020 project on food security, together with 13 European countries and Uganda. Co-creation plays an important role in the project. Together with you, your organization or employer, we create exhibitions, debates and science cafés. RRI (responsible research and innovation) shows the way to scientifically based answers to the big questions on food security. Consult to learn more about the project in general and the actions of our partners.


    Your food, our food:
    Food is an important aspect of all cultures in the world. That’s way Big Picnic embarks on an intercultural expedition on food and food preferences. What is the prefered food of the average Nigerian? What crops play a major role in the Indian, Nicaraguan or Ugandan cuisine? How can research on these crops contribute to more food security? No one is better suited to give an answer to all those questions then the people with roots in these countries. Together with The Foodbridge, an organisation led by Maureen Duru, a Nigerian researcher on food, identity and diaspora, we plan a very special visit to our Botanic Garden. On 25 March, 30 people of African and Central American origin will explore our Glasshouses and tell their stories about those plants that play a major role in their cuisine. The result of this co-creation activity will be a guided tour ‘through African and Central-American eyes’. This tour will be presented to Botanic Garden staff and freelancers, and other interested people. Would you like to know more about this activities? Would you like to participate? For more information, please contact


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