Botanic Garden Meise

 Something is growing in Meise!

How to reach the Garden | Franšais | Nederlands

Botanic Garden Meise is located in Meise, a smaller village situated at about 12 km north of the centre of Brussels or 3 km north of the Atomium, just inside the Flemish Region, i.e. outside of the Outer Ring Road (R0) around Brussels.

Our address:

Botanic Garden Meise
Bouchout Domain
Nieuwelaan 38
1860 Meise

The main entrance is located at Nieuwelaan 38 - 1860 Meise

The "Meise Entrance" is located on the Brusselssesteenweg (n░ 32).


Local people, taxi drivers, hotel staff, etc. often confuse the Botanic Garden Meise with the cultural centre 'Le Botanique' (our pre-1970 location) in Brussels city! If you follow the tourist information panels 'Le Botanique / Kruidtuin' in the centre of Brussels, you will arrive at our OLD location!

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