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The total area of the Botanic Garden is 92 hectares and holds 18.000 kinds of plants. In the Plant Palace, you can experience plants from around the world no matter what the weather is; from carnivorous plants to succulents... In summer head for our collection of herbaceous perennials in the Herbetum and ponder a while in the Garden with medicinal plants. The Castle regularly houses exhibitions that can be viewed at no extra cost. A stroll trough the northwest part of the domain will reveal our enchanting oak, conifers, magnolia, hydrangea, rhododendron, maple and wild rose collections.

To see :

Other features:

  1. Herbarium and Library
  2. Traditional farm house 'Vlaamse Hoeve'
  3. Bouchout Castle
  4. Former farmstead 'Pachthof' and Garden Shop
  5. Plant Palace
  6. English Bridge
  7. Hunting Pavilion
  8. Balat Glasshouse
  9. Temple of Friendship
  10. Orangery
  11. Magnolias
  12. Castle Garden
  13. Long Border
  14. Orchid meadow 'Machoechel'
  15. Fruticetum
  16. Medicinal Plants
  17. Herbetum
  18. Coniferetum
  19. 'De Bilt' - Wild Meise
  20. Oak trees
  21. Hydrangeas
  22. Rhododendrons
  23. Maples
  24. North American wood
  25. Walled Garden
  26. Mediterranean Plants
  27. Marsh area
  28. Mammoth tree
  29. Swamp cypress
  30. Tulip tree
  31. Sugar maple
  32. Castle lake
  33. Orangery lake
  34. Sculpture 'Lotus 1, 2 & 3'
  35. Bamboos
  36. Wild roses
  37. Camellias and peonies
  38. Beehives
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