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For bachelor's and master students the Garden provides an organized visit. This starts with a general introduction about science and horticulture at the Botanic Garden. Afterwards the students visit the three sites of the selection you made (below) where staff members explain their work (in English, French or Dutch).



In half an hour an introduction about the history of the institute, the research, the library, the collections, ... is given. There is an oppurtunity at the end for questions and answers.

Three sites of your choice

1)       The General Herbarium: almost 4 milion specimens

2)       The Belgian Herbarium: a tool for floristic research

3)       The herbarium collection of aliens and invasive plant species

4)       The library: 4,5 km of plant books

5)       The Scanning Electron Microscope: a powerful tool for researchers

6)       The research collections: the coffee family or Rubiaceae

7)       The research collections: wild beans and the seed bank (max. 3 groups of 10 people/day)

8)       The public greenhouses of the Garden: 10.000 plant species from the medeteranean to the tropics

9)       The open air collections: 8.000 plant species of the temperate regions

10)       Wild Meise: the indigenous flora and fauna of the Botanic Garden (! long distant walk)

11)       The nursery of the living collections




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