Supply of DNA samples


    General regulations 

    1. The National Botanic Garden of Belgium (N.B.G.) ensures free use of the general parts of its living collections, herbarium material or samples thereof, according to the general regulations described in the articles 2-8.
    2. N.B.G. has developed a number of special collections from which DNA samples are only supplied according to specific regulations.
    3. If the sister institute to which material for DNA research is supplied has special conditions with regard to supply of DNA material, N.B.G. shall supply material following the same conditions or on an exchange basis.
    4. Visitors shall only remove DNA samples from collections after prior consent from the curator of living or herbarium collections.
    5. In accordance with the C.B.D. (Convention on Biological Diversity) transferred DNA samples can only be used for research  for non-commercial purposes. In the event that economic potential is identified for an element which is part of the supplied material, BR must be notified. If the loan contains specimens transferred under the regulations of the C.B.D., all rules relative to the C.B.D. and their derivatives must be complied.
    6. Transfer of samples or any derivatives to another researcher or another institution without permission is prohibited.
    7. N.B.G. should be mentioned in any resulting publication or report as holder of the source collection and in the acknowledgments. The institute should be cited thus as “National Botanic Garden of Belgium” or possibly by its French (“Jardin botanique national de Belgique”) or Dutch (“Nationale Plantentuin van België”) designation.
    8. A reprint of any resulting publication is also requested. This should be sent to the contact person who supplied the material.


    Specific regulations

    (filled in  for samples supplied from the special collections mentioned above under article 2)



    This document is intended for the researcher requesting  to supply DNA. He should sign the declaration hereunder.


    I have received DNA samples of (specify taxa or taxon)               

    from N.BG. and agree to comply with the regulations above.

    Name                                       Date                                                     Signature Researcher



    Approval by the herbarium curator or head of the institute receiving the samples

    Name                                       Date                                                     Signature Head


                                                             Keep a copy and return the original to your contact person at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Bouchout Domain, Nieuwelaan 38, – 1860 Meise, Belgium.

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