Conditions for handling loans of cryptogamic specimens (Fungi, Lichens, Bryophytes and Algae)

All loans are made subject to the following conditions

  1. Requests for loans must be made to the Head of the Department Bryophyta-Thallophyta (BT) by the Head of a recognised herbarium or institute, who is responsible for the safe custody and return of the loaned specimens.
  2. Requests for loans should state the names of the researchers on whose behalf they are made; students or others not in permanent employment receive loans in the name of their supervisor.
  3. Specimens are normally sent on loan for a period of six months from receipt. It is requested however that loaned specimens be returned at the earliest opportunity, carefully packed to avoid damage in transit. An extension to the six-month loan period may be granted in exceptional circumstances following a written request.
  4. In accordance with the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) recipient may not commercialise loaned specimens or any derived parts thereof.
  5. Recipient may not transfer loaned specimens or any parts thereof to any other party without prior permission from BR.
  6. All specimens must be treated with care and stored in suitable cabinets when not in use to prevent damage by insects or other pests.
  7. Material preserved in liquid must be maintained in the same medium and not allowed to dry out.
  8. Specimens may be dissected only when the structures to detach are sufficiently present to do so without harming the future use of the specimen. Use no more material than strictly necessary. A copy of drawings or observations made should be joined to the specimen. Dissections of type material must not be made unless they are essential, and only when other examples of the same organ are present.
  9. The use of loaned specimens for molecular studies is strictly forbidden, unless permission is given by the Head of the Department BT, who can supply you the Herbarium policy. Molecular studies will be undertaken in compliance with the terms of an agreement to be signed by both parties.
  10. Determinavit labels, written in permanent ink, and other useful notes for future researchers should be loosely inserted in packets for return with the loan to BR.
  11. Attaching copies of complete field labels to incompletely BR specimens is appreciated.
  12. Reprints resulting from the study of BR material should be sent to the Head of the Department  BT for insertion in our reprint collection.
  13. When requesting a loan you are assumed to accept the above-mentioned conditions.

Head of the Department

Bryophyta - Thallophyta

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