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The herbarium of non-vascular cryptogams is housed in the new wing of the herbarium since 1987. It contains a spirit collection of algae and microscopical slides of diatoms (namely the famous Van Heurck collection), about 350,000 exsiccatae of bryophytes (among which over 2,000 nomenclatural types), 23,000 exsiccatae of myxomycetes (302 nomenclatural types), about 145,000 specimens of fungi (2,500 nomenclatural types) and also an important collection of lichens. The three main geographical divisions are slightly different depending to the group: Africa, Belgium (included in Europe in the mycological herbarium) and 'general' herbarium.

Herbarium Belgii

The Belgium National Herbarium also contains water colour paintings of many specimens made by several botanical artists for example M. Goossens-Fontana (1899-1957; mycoflora of Africa), Omer Van de Kerckhove (mycoflora of Europe) and Eliza Klopfenstein. Other collections include important sets of descriptions, notes, colour slides and optical and scanning electron micrographs

The Mycopages

More information on the mycological herbarium can be found on the mycopages such as collections, taxa, images and the Myxoworld of Nannenga-Bremekamp.

a lichen

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