Databasing and imaging of a coffee collection



Nomenclatural types of taxa in coffee (Rubiaceae, genus Coffea) and false coffee (Rubiaceae, genera Argocoffeopsis, Belonophora, Calycosiphonia, Psilanthus, Sericanthe and Tricalysia)

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This project is run under the umbrella of "Biodiversity Resources in Belgium" (a project of the Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural affairs). It aims at developing a prototype of a computerized catalogue of nomenclatural types linked with digitized images on the internet.

The nomenclatural types in the National Botanic Garden (BR) (see departement vascular plants and history of the herbarium S.P.) belong to the most important biodiversity collections in Belgium.
This project follows a new policy of the herbarium that wants to give rapidly and electronically available information of specimens of the herbarium.
On the long term, the National Botanic Garden of Belgium wants to develop an information system with regard to the ca. 25,000 nomenclatural types kept in its collections.
Coffee and false coffee have been chosen for the prototype because they reflect the tropical African taxonomic interest of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium (BR). The genera of coffee and false coffee have recently been revised, mostly at BR (see recent taxonomic revisions in coffee and false coffee).

The project consists of a searchable database containing

Are available: search on family, genus, species but also on other criteria ( country, collector, collector number, BR-SP identification...). Search of synonyms is also possible.


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