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The Botanic Garden has signed the Code of Conduct on invasive plants ( In doing this, the garden has committed not to grow or to plant various invasive plants. The collection policy however seeks stronger measures in order to stop the expansion of invasive species.

The collection policy on invasive plants is built on the following pillars:

  • plants occurring on Annex I of the Code of Conduct are not planted or introduced into the living collections;
  • plants occurring on Annex II of the Code of Conduct will be planted or introduced only if there is a good reason to have them in the collections and if their invasive behaviour in the garden has not been demonstrated;
  • plants listed either in Annex I or Annex II of the Code of Conduct that currently exist in the collections are regularly evaluated on their behaviour in and around the collections; if such plants would exhibit clear signs of invasiveness, they will be removed from the collections. Similar to Annex I plants, Annex II plants will no longer be planted and possible problems of this Annex II plants will be communicated to the workgroup Alterias;
  • plants that do not appear in Annex I or II of the Code of Conduct but are already present in the collections are monitored by the gardeners. In order to provide a detailed follow-up, gardeners are requested to report any uncontrolled spread of a particular species. Issues related to those species with apparent invasive character will be communicated to the workgroup Alterias;
  • introduction of new species that are not in Annexes I or II of the Code of Conduct: species known for their invasive behaviour are excluded from the living collections; invasive character is determined on the basis of international publications and websites.

All information concerning the invasive status of those species grown in the Garden is kept in the LIVCOL database.

This policy includes both outdoor and indoor collections.



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