Flora van België, het Groothertogdom Luxemburg, Noord-Frankrijk en de aangrenzende gebieden.

Third revised and enlarged edition in Dutch.

Prof. Jacques LAMBINON,
'Université de Liège', member of the 'Académie royale de Belgique'

Prof. em. Joseph-Edgard DE LANGHE ,
'Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen'

chairman of the 'Institut Floristique Franco-Belge'

special editor of Natura Mosana

(in cooperation with Vincent BOULLET, Renée D'HOSE, Daniel GEERINCK, Jean LEBEAU, René SCHUMACKER and Herman VANNEROM)


Because of its comprehensiveness and its geographical range, the "Flora of Belgium" is the perfect guide for anyone who has an interest in the floristically highly diverse area between the 'Biesbosch' and the 'Argonne', and between the 'Boulonnais' and 'West-Eifel'.

Compared to the previous edition, the number of plants treated in this third edition has increased substantially. Various species are newly included or are dealt more extensively. The number of adventive species, concisely mentioned or described, has also extended considerably. Special care has been taken to assimilate recent views on taxonomy and to update distributional data. An internationally valued aspect is the concern for hydrids, subspecies and varieties.

The "Flora of Belgium" is both a field guide and an encyclopedic reference book on the wild plants of Belgium and its surrounding area. Information is provided in a standard way for each plant: scientific name (with synonyms); Dutch, French and German name; height; flowering season; life form; habitat characteristics and ecology; distribution and frequency for each geobotanic district; distribution outside the area covered by the flora. Hundreds of concise observations, e.g. relating to taxonomy or differences between resembling species, enhance the usefulness of the book.

The text of the third Dutch edition is a newly and thoroughly revised, and supplemented translation of the fourth French edition.

This new edition of the "Flora of Belgium" should find its way to the library or excursion equipment of everyone who is involved with the environment in general and with plants in particular: amateur botanists, students, academics, field workers for public services and study centres, green consultants, landscape architects, environment officials, amateur florists, nature guides, managers of nature reserves and botanic gardens, garden advisers, etc.

The book results from several years of study and has a stimulating effect on current floristic research in belgium and neighbouring areas. It is simply a must.

See Flora van België, het Groothertogdom Luxemburg, Noord-Frankrijk ... in the catalogue.

A new French edition will be published in March, 2004.