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Applying for a Visa

All information you need to know for applying for a Visa you can find on the following websites


General information:

Ministry of Foreign affairs - Belgium:

Tel.: +32 2 501 84 72


A list of all Belgian Embassies and Consulates you can consult on the following website:



It is recommended that participants arrange their own insurance against medical expenses, loss of life, accidents during the congress and loss of property. The organizing committee cannot accept responsibility for loss of life, accidents, illness or loss of property incurred by participants while in transit to and from Belgium or during their stay in Belgium.  


There are no safety problems in the area. However, be always aware of pickpockets, especially when visiting larger cities. Within Brussels a few areas are not recommended to visit at night. You can get the information during the congress at the congress secretariat.


Sunshine is rather common in September, daytime temperature is about 17 °C, but cooler and rainy conditions may occur.

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