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Bouchout Castle

The official languages of the congress are English (preferred) and French.

The opening ceremony, oral presentations and poster sessions as well as all related social activities will take place at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium.  

The Botanic Garden is housed at Meise, in the northern outskirts of Brussels. In 1938 the Belgian state bought the Bouchout estate in Meise, a domain of 92 ha, from the Royal Family to build a new botanic garden. Formerly the Botanic Garden was situated in the centre of Brussels, but this former location in town was closed down at the beginning of the seventies of last century.  

The symposium will be held in Bouchout Castle in the heart of the Botanic Garden; the oldest parts of the castle date back to the 12th century. The last inhabitant was empress Charlotte of Mexico, sister of King Leopold II.


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Charlotte of Mexico

Venue address:

National Botanic Garden of Belgium

Domein Van Bouchout

B-1860 Meise


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