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Abstract format

Each abstract should be written in English and limited to fewer than 400 words in length including title, author(s) and affiliation. 

Abstracts should be clear and concise with objectives, methods, results, and conclusions. Authors can submit one abstract for the oral presentations and a maximum of two abstracts for the poster sessions, but they can also be listed as co-authors on other abstracts. When writing the abstract, we strongly recommend: 

  • the title should be in bold using small characters
  • author(s) (last name in bold) on one line followed by the e-mail address of the first author; the presenting authors should be underlined
  • affiliations on a separate line
  • then a blanc line before the text begins
  • plain text, single line-spacing
  • Times New Roman font, Font size 12
  • 160 mm wide by 230 mm long

Names and terms represented by abbreviations must be written in full when they are first mentioned, with abbreviations in parentheses. 

Send your abstracts by e-mail as an MS-Word file attachment. The first authors will receive an e-mail acknowledgement from the Symposium organisation within a few days of receipt of their abstracts. Hard copies should be mailed (or faxed) ONLY if there is no e-mail access. The Scientific Committee is responsible for reviewing the abstracts to be presented at the Symposium. All abstracts will be published in a special issue of the series Scripta Botanica Belgica. 


Deadline for abstract submission: 15 April 2009

Please, send yours abstract to


Abstract Example:

Oral presentation: ________ Poster presentation: __________

The Van Heurck collection: a phoenix rises from its ashes

Bart Van de Vijver, Christine Cocquyt & Jan Rammeloo

National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Department of Bryophyta & Thallophyta, Domein van Bouchout, B-1860 Belgium

Abstract’s content [MS-Word, single-space typing, Times New Roman, font size 12]

One page maximum


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