Botanic Garden Meise

 Something is growing in Meise!

Symposium Committees

Organising committee

Dr. Bart Van de Vijver (president)

Dr. Christine Cocquyt

Mr. Pierre Compère

Prof. Dr. Koen Sabbe

Mrs. Ann Bogaerts

Mrs. Myriam de Haan

Mrs. Chris Kosolosky

Prof. Dr. Jan Rammeloo


Scientific Committee

Dr. Bart Van de Vijver (president - Belgium)

Prof. Dr. Jan Rammeloo (Belgium)

Prof. Dr. Wim Vyverman (Belgium)

Dr. Patrick Kociolek (USA)

Prof. Dr. Horst Lange-Bertalot (Germany)

Dr. Eileen Cox (U.K.)

Dr. Jonathan Taylor (South Africa)

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