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The Van Heurck Diatom Collection

The Van Heurck diatom collection comprises about 20.000 slides.  The collection contains amongst others:

Van Heurck’s own important collection of Belgian gatherings and type slides made by Thum used for his Synopsis (1885)

• a set of slides of diatoms from the Antarctic ‘Belgica expedition’ (1909) prepared by Klavsen

• the originals of the Typenplatten figures in Möller’s Lichtdruktafeln

• the Universum Diatomacearum Moellerianum

Kützing’s original collection of material in 700 tubes.

• the personal collection of reverend William Smith including the gatherings cited in the Synopsis of British Diatomaceae

• the Janisch collection containing the original specimens of his guano papers and his Gazelle-Expedition-Illustrations

• the original collection of Walker Arnott (about 2000 tubes) including gatherings by famous diatomists such as Gregory, Greville, Kitton, de Brébisson and Eulenstein

• the famous collection of Weissflog, comprising about 2500 preparations of rare diatoms

• the Theodore Eulenstein slides representing material gathered by Kützing, Hilse, de Brébisson and Rabenhorst and his original collection of 1500 tubes Diatomacearum Species Typicae, Centuries I, II & III)

• a collection assembled by Albert Grunow 

Van Heurck CollectionVisit the collection

We will give the possibility to study the slides and samples from the Collection during the two days following the meeting.  Interested people should send a request to the symposium secretary stating what slides and/or material they would like to study.  There is a collection catalogue on cards available.

Please send all requests for information on the availability of slides to the symposium secretary. 

Based on the number of requests that we get, a time slot will be assigned to you.  There will be Olympus BX51 microscopes available with Nomarski optics and digital imaging systems.  If material for SEM analysis is available, this can be studied.  The material will be prepared before the meeting following the requests we get.

It is important to note that no material or slides can leave the Botanic Garden. 

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