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Scientific meetings

Link to the National Botany Award 'Emiel Van Rompaey' in French or Dutch

May 30 International meeting of the European Cycad Society
2015 May 16 - 17 International Euphorbia Convention (PDF in English - PDF in French). More info.
2013 May 3 The Baekeland Youth Award
2012 November 30

1st Annual meeting on plant ecology and evolution

  February 19 Meeting of Flo.Wer (link to the program in Dutch)
2011 December 14 Academic symposium for the retirement of the director of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Prof. Dr. Jan Rammeloo
  December 3-4 European Botanic Gardens Consortium Meeting
  December 2 Mini symposium on aliens and invasive species
  November 30 The National Award E. Van Rompaey
  March 3 Academic symposium for the retirement of Prof. Dr. Elmar Robbrecht
  January 20-21 Inaugural Meeting INQUIRE project
2010 November 19 Young Botanists' Day of the Royal Botanical Society of Belgium 'Cryptogamy in Belgium'
November 16-17 Atelier 'Jardins Botaniques Francophones et Collaboration  Nord-Sud'
September 26 The National Award E. Van Rompaey
September 16-18 International Symposium Botanical Diversity: exploration, understanding and use
April 25-30 The National Botanic Garden of Belgium takes part of the organisation of the 19th AETFAT Congress (Madagascar)
April 15 Presentation of the Daubenton Leonardo mobility project on the transfer of expertise and knowledge of collection managers and technicians between European institutions
2009 September 15-17 ENSCONET Germinaton Workshop 'A critical review of germination procedures'.
August 23-26 The National Botanic Garden of Belgium organises the Symposium 'Diatom Taxonomy in the 21st century' in honour of H. Van Heurck
July 23 SYNTHESYS lecture: Fire and flora: ethno-ecology of Gabon's Batéké plateaux
by Gretchen Walters (Missouri Botanical Garden)
June 17 SYNTHESYS lecture: Some progress in taxonomy of trees from Central Africa
by David Harris (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh)
May 11 The National Botanic Garden of Belgium was a member of the scientific commitee of the Meeting on Invasive Alien Species held in Brussels (link to the proceedings)
March 16 SYNTHESYS lecture: A revision of the frustule morphology of the monoraphid diatom Cocconeis Ehrenberg
by Dr. Oscar Romero (University of Granada)
March 5 SYNTHESYS lecture: The life of a diatomist in the Himalaya
by Dr. Ingrid Jüttner (National Museum Wales)
January 28 SYNTHESYS lecture: The genus Barleria (Acanthaceae) in Africa: taxonomy, distribution and endemism
by Iain Darbyshire (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew)
2008   The National Botanic Garden of Belgium is member of the organizing commitee of the Fourth International Rubiaceae Conference (Mexico)
  March 29 Meeting of the Royal Flemish Mycological Society
  March 16 Meeting of the Belgian Dendrological Society
  February 2 Meeting of the Vlaamse Werkgroep Bryologie en Lichenologie
  January 30 The National Award E. Van Rompaey
2007   Introduction course to Bryology by the Vlaamse Werkgroep Bryologie en Lichenologie, Bryolim and Natuurpunt
2006 December 1 Botanic Gardens meeting on plant conservation
  September 18-21 The National Botanic Garden of Belgium takes part of the organisation of the Third International Rubiaceae Conference (Leuven, Belgium)
  September 7 Lecture on the Domestication of Cucurbitaceae by Dr. Michael Nee, curator at the New York Botanical Garden.
  April 21 Meeting of the Nederlands-Vlaamse Kring van Diatomisten.
  March 15 Meeting of the Royal Botanical Society of Belgium with lecture of L. Beyens: Life in the Artic: science and adventure north of the tree line.
  March Meeting of the Vlaamse Werkgroep Bryologie en Lichenologie
  Februari 26 Meeting of Flo.Wer with lectures about the floristic research in the Walloon region, in France and in the Netherlands and with the official presentation of the new Atlas of the Flora of Flanders and Brussels.
2005 November 23 Species 2000 meeting
  September 7 PLANTCOL meeting
  Jan-Dec SYNTHESYS lectures
2003 July 21-26 Third congress of European Botanic Gardens: EuroGard III
  July 20-25 Second European Botanic Gardens Education Congress BEDUCO II
2002 August 4-9 Conference ICSEM 4 'The Fourth International Congress on Systematics & Ecology of Myxomycetes'
  March 7 VBTA meeting for gardeners
2001 October 19-20 Conference Botanical expertise and Biodiversity in Belgium
  May 17-18 8th meeting of the EBHL
2000 August 28 -September 2 16th AETFAT Congress
1999 November 19 Symposium Fresh water algae: taxonomy, biogeography and conservation
  February 3 Mycology meeting: databases for biogeographical and taxonomical purposes
1997 November 29 Heinemann Memorial Symposium
1995 September Second International Rubiaceae Conference
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