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Floristics of Central Africa

Contact: Marc Sosef

In 1960 the Botanic Garden became the editor of the monographic flora series Flore d'Afrique centrale (R.D.Congo, Rwanda, Burundi)'. This inventory and treatment of the biodiversity of the vascular plants in Central Africa is 60% complete, a result that scores well compared to similar series for other tropical countries. The 'Flore d'Afrique centrale' is a partner in an international network of Floras for tropical Africa but prepared in Europe. The department of vascular plants and sister departments in other European countries (the Herbaria of Paris, London, Lisbon etc.) conserve and manage the herbarium material indispensable for these resource inventories. Actual progress on the 'Flore' by work in the Botanic Garden concerns the Acanthaceae and Rubiaceae. The department also undertakes work on the flora and vegetation of Central Africa and organizes fieldwork in African countries.

This geographical orientation of the research at the Botanic Garden was highlighted in 2000, with the organisation of the XVIth AETFAT Conference (Association pour l'Etude Taxonomique de la Flore d'Afrique Tropicale) at the Garden, which is the most important international event with regard to tropical African taxonomic botany.

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