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Contact: Ann Bogaerts & Myriam de Haan

The study on myxomycetes at the Botanic Garden started in the mid seventies with the work of J. Rammeloo our former director. He accumulated an important herbarium and his research resulted in many publications and floras e.g. 'Icones Mycologicae' (mainly European) and 'Flore illustrée des Champignons d'Afrique Centrale'.

Our myxomycetes herbarium experienced a strong growth in 1996 with the acquisition of more than 14.000 specimens from Mrs. N.E.Nannenga-Bremekamp. She was one of the most important myxomycetes specialists of the world. Because of the great scientific value of this collection, the Garden took on the task of continuing her work. Therefore, all possible information collected by her in the course of years, is made accessible to the international scientific community.

Currently a survey is being conducted on myxomycetes growing on epiphytic bryophytes in a number of Flemish woodlands and nature reserves including the domain of the Botanic Garden. An ongoing survey on myxomycetes and protostelids in aerial litter cultures is carried out in the domain of the Botanic Garden. Major contributions are made to the checklists of Belgium and D.R. Congo. Preparations are made for the publication of an African myxomycetes monograph under the framework of the Fungus Flora of Tropical Africa.

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