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Agronomist Ir, Directeur scientifique Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

CONTACT : Jerôme Degreef +32 2 260.09.54

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Jérôme DegreefAfter having worked seven years at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium as plant taxonomist, I was appointed Head of department in 2006. I am now supervising a team of ~ 20 technicians and scientists studying the diversity of cryptogams (algae, bryophytes, lichens and fungi) from sub-antarctic islands to tropical forests. I am also in charge of managing the cryptogams section of herbarium BR (around 700.000 specimens), an inexhaustible source of information about the past and current biodiversity and an indispensable tool for research and conservation.

In addition to my team leader activities and administrative tasks, my research focuses on the tropical fungi with a special interest in the edible African species. With two colleagues, we recently published the first field guide for identifying the most commonly consumed fungi in central Africa (downloadable for free at

With the permanent aim to increase the local mycological expertise and the knowledge of fungal diversity in Africa, I regularly organize workshops and field trainings in the region and I supervise research of local students. I am also eager to share this important scientific data by editing and promoting the Fungus Flora of Tropical Africa, the only taxonomical series specifically dedicated to African mushrooms.

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