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Vascular Plants

Contact: Petra De Block

Gymnocalycium pflanzii

Researchers: L. Allemeersch, D. Champluvier, P. De Block, I. Hoste, A. Ronse, P. Stoffelen, L. Vanhecke, F. Verloove, F. Van Rossum, S. Dessein, O. Raspé. & S. Godefroid.

Collaborators: F. Malaisse, L. Pauwels.

Research on the flora of Belgium and Europe

Flora of Gabon

Flora of Central Africa

Floristics of Central Africa

The Acanthaceae

The Poaceae of Benin

The Rubiaceae

Botanical monographs

Botanical research on the archaeological site of Sagalassos (Turkey)

Research on the Living Collection


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