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Filip Vandelook, PhD
Ecology and Ex-situ conservation

CONTACTFilip Vandelook +32 2 260.09.20

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Filip VandelookMy research focusses on the ecology and evolution of angiosperm seeds at the level of species and populations. Using comparative methods, macro-evolution and ecological correlates of seed traits is studied in Apiaceae, Amaranthaceae and Rubiaceae as well as at the Angiosperm level. At the population level I focus on Geranium robertianum and Gentiana pneumonanthe to study variation in plant traits at large biogeographical scales.
Some of my research is being applied to ameliorate methods for ex-situ conservation of the collections at the Botanic Garden Meise, including representatives of the Belgian flora, as well as crop wild relatives of beans, coffee and banana.

Filip Vandelook Filip Vandelook Filip Vandelook Filip Vandelook

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