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Quentin GROOM
Botany and Information Technology

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Quentin GroomI work on the use of information technology in the analysis and dissemination of scientific information.

Current projects include :

  • pro-iBiosphere
    Coordination and policy development in preparation for a European Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management System. Our part of this project is to report on the current tools for digital taxonomy, their usage and future.
  • EU-BON
    A project to build the European Biodiversity Observation Network. I will be testing biodiversity modeling tools
  • i4life
    Creating global checklists of certain plant families to contribute to the Catalogue of Life
  • An online checklist for the Flora of Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi
  • A checklist of the currently accepted names of the vascular plants of these countires in the Congo Basin (
  • Flora of Northumberland in the United Kingdom
    I have also a long standing interest in the flora of Northumberland in the United Kingdom, where I help study the local flora (,

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