Belgian Journal of Botany

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 129(2): 1996 Published April 30, 1997

Use of molecular markers in plant population biology

91 Perspectives on the use of molecular markers in plant population biology

Vekemans X. & Jacquemart A.-L.


101 Allozyme variation in calcicolous and silicicolous popultions of Helianthemum nummularium

Azzouzi K., Vekemans X., Meerts P., Daubresse P. & Lefèbvre C.

107 Applications of AFLP in plant breeding, molecular biology and genetics

Breyne P., Boerjan W., Gerats T., Van Montagu M. & Van Gysel A.

118 New primers for the polymerase chain amplification of cpDNA intergenic spacers in Phaseolus phylogeny

Fofana B., Harvengt L., Baudoin J.-P. & du Jardin P.

123 A PCR marker for a Populus deltoides allele and its use in studying introgression with native European Populus nigra

Heinze B.

131 The application of spatial autocorrelation methods to the study of Calluna vulgaris populations genetics

Mahy G. & Nève G.

140 Use of RAPD to estimate hybridization in Salix alba and Salix fragilis

Triest L., De Greef B., De Bondt R., Vanden Bossche D., D'Haeseleer M., Van Slycken J. & Coart E.

149 Spatial patterns of allozyme variants within three wild populations of Phaseolus lunatus from the Central Valley of Costa Rica

Zoro Bi I., Maquet A. & Baudoin J.-P.





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