Belgian Journal of Botany

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 132(1): 1999 Published June 30, 1999
3 Morphologie, distribution et écologie comparées d'Amblystegium tenax et d'A. fluviatile en Belgique
[A comparative study of the morphology, distribution and ecology of Amblystegium tenax and A. fluviatile in Belgium]

Vanderpoorten A. & Empain A.

13 Quelques observations sur deux populations gaumaises (Loraine Belge) de Pulmonaria montana (Boraginaceae)
[Some observations on two populations of Pulmonaria montana (Boraginaceae) from the Gaume (Belgian Lorraine)]

Champluvier D. & Jacquemart A.-L.

26 Spatial genetic structure in a population of the endangered Korean plant Abeliophyllum distichum (Oleaceae)

Chung M.G.

31 Habrodon perpusillus (Leskeaceae, Musci), nouveau pour la bryoflore belge, dans le district ardennais
[Habrodon perpusillus (Leskeaceae, Musci) new for the Belgian bryoflora, in the Ardennes district]

Sotiaux A. & Sotiaux O.

35 Changes in growth, chlorophyll content and peroxidase and a-amylase actvities in sunflower calli after UV-C irradiation

Conde P., Sousa A., Santos S., Vieira dos Santos C. & Caldera G.

43 Contribution à l'étude de la flore des grottes de Belgique
[Contribution to the study of the flora of caves in Belgium]

Garbacki N., Ector L., Kostikov I. & Hoffmann L.

77 La dynamique de recolonisation végétale des anciennes carrières de craie phosphatée du nord de la France : analyse phytosociologique et systémique
[The dynamics of the vegetal recolonization in phosphated chalk quarries abandoned in northern France : a phytosociological and systemic analysis]

Decocq G.

95 Genetic diversity in Arum maculatum from two urban forests

Echchgadda G. & Triest L.




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