Belgian Journal of Botany

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 132(2): 1999 Published February 15, 2000
105 Needle permeability of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) as influenced by magnesium nutrition

Bouya D., Myttenaere C.(†), Weissen F. & Van Praag H.J.

119 Vegetation mapping as an aid in detecting temporal vegetation changes in the Demer Valley (Belgium)

Butaye J., Honnay O. & Hermy M.

141 Contribution à l'étude phytosociologique des végétations inondables du Sud Togo
[Contribution to the phytosociological study of the swampy vegetation in Southern Togo]

De Foucault B., Akpagana K., Batawila K. & Bouchet Ph.

153 Ulota rehmannii (Orthotrichaceae, Musci) nouveau pour la bryoflore belge dans le massif ardennais
[Ulota rehmanii Jur. (Musci) in the Ardenne massif, new for the Belgian bryoflora]

Sotiaux A. & Sotiaux O.

158 Morphometric analysis of Dactylorhiza occitanica and related populations from eastern France (Orchidaceae)

Tyteca D. & Gathoye J.-L.

175 Studies in tropical African Lactarius species. 7. A synopsis of the section Edules and a review on the edible species

Verbeken A. & Walleyn R.





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