Belgian Journal of Botany

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 134(1): 2001 Published May 15, 2001
3 Epiphytes on the seagrasses of Zanzibar Island (Tanzania)

Leliaert F., Vanreusel W., De Clercq O. & Coppejans E.

21 The Zn biogeochemistry of Armeria maritima

Bernard C. & Lefèbvre C.

29 The effect of a complex land use history on the restoration possibilities of heathland in central Belgium

Bossuyt B., Honnay O., Van Stichelen K., Hermy M. & Van Assche J.

41 Copper vegetation at the Kansanshi Hill (Zambia) copper mine

Leteinturier B., Baker A.J.M., Bock L., Matera J. & Malaisse F.

51 The hepatic flora of the Azores

Schumacker R.

64 Advances in the improvement of forest trees through biotechnology

van Raemdonck D., Jaziri M., Boerjan W. & Baucher M.

79 Aperçu sur les forêts édaphiques hygrophiles du Bénin
[Survey of the wetland forests of Benin]

Sokpon N., Sinadouwirou Th., Gbaguidi F. & Biaou S. H.



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