Belgian Journal of Botany

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 134(2): 2001 Published January 31, 2002
97 Check-list of the Bryophytes of Belgium

Sotiaux A. & Vanderpoorten A.

121 Differences between the number and structure of chloroplasts in leaves and in non-leaf organs of wheat

Li H., Bai K., Hu Y., Kuang T. & Lin J.

127 Cladoniicola staurospora sp. nov., a new lichenicolous coelomycete from Western Europe

Diederich P., van den Boom P. & Aptroot A.

131 Relationships between growth and photosynthetic characteristics in Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucum) under limited water deficit conditions with enhanced nitrogen supplies

Ashraf M., Shabaz M., Mahmood S. & Rasul E.

145 Check-list of the Pteridophytes of Equatorial Guinea

Velayos M., Aedo C. & Perez Viso R.

192 The phytocoenoses of consolidated alluvium : a syntaxonomical and synecological study in the braided streams of southern Tuscany (Italy)

Angiolini C. & De Dominicis V.





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