Belgian Journal of Botany

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 135(1-2): 2002 Published December 15, 2002
3 Systematic survey of resin canals in Pinaceae

Lin J., Hu Y., He X. & Ceulemans R.

15 Microphytobenthos communities in the freshwater tidal to brackish reaches of the Schelde estuary (Belgium)

Muylaert K., Van Nieuwerburgh L., Sabbe K. & Vyverman W.

27 Orthotrichum rogeri (Orthotrichaceae, Musci), mousse épiphyte nouvelle pour la bryoflore belge, dans le district ardennais. Clé d'identification des Orthotrichum de Belgique
[Orthotrichum rogeri (Orthotrichaceae, Musci) in the Ardennes district, new for the Belgian bryoflora]

Sotiaux A. & Sotiaux O.

32 Variation of noncoding chloroplast DNA in Fagopyrum species revealed by PCR-RFLP

Kump B. & Javornik B.

38 Epiphytic diatom communities on herbarium material from Lake Naivasha and Lake Sonachi, Eastern Rift Valley, Kenya

Cocquyt C. & De Wever A.

50 The lichen flora of the Boulonnais (France, Pas-de-Calais)

Sparrius L. B., Diederich P., Signoret J. & Sérusiaux E.

76 Karyological, taxonomic and chorological notes on the Orchidaceae of the central-western Iberian peninsula

Bernardos S. & Amich F.

88 Scapania calcicola, hépatique boréo-montagnarde nouvelle pour la bryoflore belge, dans le district mosan
[Scapania calcicola, a boreo-alpine liverwort found in the Mosan district, new for the belgian bryoflora]

Sotiaux A., Sotiaux O. & Duvivier J.-P.

92 A new species and a new hybrid of Asplenium (Aspleniaceae) from Cyprus and evidence of their origin

Van den heede C., Pajarón S., Pangua E. & Viane R L. L.








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