Belgian Journal of Botany

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 136(1): 2003 Published September 15, 2003
3 Editorial

 Invited special papers
5 Effects of agricultural land use and fragmentation on genetics, demography and population persistence of the rare Primula vulgaris, and implications for conservation

Hans Jacquemyn, Fabienne Van Rossum, Rein Brys, Patrick Endels, Martin Hermy, Ludwig Triest & Geert De Blust

23 The potential of soil seedbanks in the ecological restoration of grassland and heathland communities

Beatrijs Bossuyt & Martin Hermy


 Regular papers
35 Foliar N and P resorption and foliar nutrient concentrations in canopy and subcanopy of a Fagus orientalis Lipsky forest

Hamdi Güray Kutbay, Erkan Yalçin & Ali Bilgin

45 Energy exchange characteristics as an indicator of biomass production potential in tree species

Suman Chandra

52 First record of Podostemaceae in Benin with remarks on the ecology of Tristicha trifaria (Tristichoideae) in Benin and Burkina Faso

J. Müller, R. Sieglstetter & I. Jäger-Zürn

59 Additions to the bryophyte flora of Romania

Ludo Smets

63 Study of the vegetation composition in three inselbergs from continental Equatorial Guinea (western central Africa): effects of site, soil factors and positition relative to forest fringe

Ingrid Parmentier

73 Révision de Pauridiantha paucinervis (Rubiaceae, Pauridiantheae) et des espèces voisines
[Revision of Pauridiantha paucinervis and its closest relatives (Rubiaceae, Pauridiantheae)]

Salvator Ntore, Elmar Robbrecht, Erik Smets & Steven Dessein

91 Hybrid origin of the diploid species Hippophae goniocarpa evidenced by the internal transcribed spacers (ITS) of nuclear rDNA

Kun Sun, Ruijun Ma, Xuelin Chen, Changbao Li & Song Ge