Belgian Journal of Botany

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 136(2): 2003 Published March 12, 2004

 Regular papers
97 The effects of river embankment and forest fragmentation on the plant species richness and composition of floodplain forests in the Meuse valley, Belgium

Kris Van Looy, Olivier Honnay, Beatrijs Bossuyt & Martin Hermy

109 A phytosociological study of riparian forests in Benin (West Africa)

A.K. Natta, B. Sinsin & L.J.G. van der Maesen

129 Ecological restoration in northern China: germination characteristics of nine key species in relation to air seeding

Yuanrun Zheng, Zhixiao Xie, Yong Gao, Hideyuki Shimizu, Lianhe Jiang & Yi Yu

139 Étude comparative entre l'analyse chimique de l'air et la cartographie des lichens comme bioindicateurs de l'atmosphère dans l'Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse, Belgique
[A comparison between chemical analyses of the air and the cartography of lichens as bioindicators of atmosphere quality in the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse, Belgium]

Guillaume Elens

145 Systematics of European sequestrate lactarioid Russulaceae with spiny spore ornamentation

Jorinde Nuytinck, Annemieke Verbeken, Stefanie Delarue & Ruben Walleyn

154 Floral traits of Belgian Ericaceae species : are they good indicators to assess the breeding systems ?

Anne-Laure Jacquemart


 Short notes
165 The boreal-alpine bryophyte Grimmia elongata Kaulf. still present at Willerzie (Belgium) after 132 years

Henk Greven & André Sotiaux

167 Drepanocladus (Amblystegiaceae, Bryopsida) in the Iberian peninsula

E. Fuertes, G. Oliván & M. Acón






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