Belgian Journal of Botany

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 137(2): 2004 Published 31 January 2005

 Regular papers
125 On the systematic position of Triplostegia (Dipsacales): a combined molecular and morphological approach

N. Pyck & E. Smets

140 Vegetation composition and zonation of a Mediterranean braided river floodplain

J.A. Molina, C. Pertíñez, A. Díez & M. Á. Casermeiro

155 Clonal diversity and genetic structure in Vaccinium myrtillus populations from different habitats

T. Albert, O. Raspé & A.-L. Jacquemart

163 The naturalisation history of Echinochloa muricata in Belgium, with notes on its identity and morphological variation

I. Hoste

175 Micropropagation of Populus euphratica Olivier

C. Thach Phan, J. Jörgensen, L. Jouve, J.-F. Hausman, A. Polle & T. Teichmann


 Short notes
181 Legacies of Roman land-use in the present-day vegetation in Meerdaal Forest (Belgium)?

T. Vanwalleghem, K. Verheyen, M. Hermy, J. Poesen & J. Deckers

188 Seed morphology of Daboecia (Ericaceae)

J. Fagúndez & J. Izco

193 Micromorphological study of some taxa of the genus Epipactis (Orchidaceae) from the central-western Iberian Peninsula

S. Bernardos, D. Tyteca & F. Amich

199 Karyotype and C-bands in the annual Inca Lily Alstroemeria graminea

P. Jara-Seguel, C. Palma-Rojas & E. Von Brand

205 New record of Glaucocystis nostochinearum (Glaucophyta) in Belgium

L. Hoffmann & I. Kostikov




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